Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Veggiefella knows (the weather)

The Veggiefella knows the weather…

He knows it’s foggy...
Because he can’t find his way to the garden.

He knows it’s sunny….
Because he can see his shadow.

He knows it’s windy….
Because his hat keeps blowing off his head.

He knows it’s raining…..
Because his back is getting wet.

He knows the UV index is high….
Because his skin is turning red.

He knows it’s a clear night…...
Because the big fat moon is shining on his face,

He knows when he opens his door and there is not a weed in sight,
He should close the door and go back inside,
Because outside it’s far too white.

Because “you know” what happened.


  1. Boy is that ever the truth! I like that poem. Good writing! Enjoy the indoors for a few months at least! Before you know it Spring will be here again and all that planting and weeding will begin again.

  2. That made me laugh! So it seems we should be grateful for whatever the season... as I write this comment it is snowing outside. Do enjoy your time of rest away from the garden work!